Monday, August 31, 2009

GU is Turning 2!!!

Press release from The Gallery Underground...

Come celebrate two great years of outstanding art with us for our biggest show of 2009, First Friday, September 4th from 6-10pm. To help us mark this stupendous occasion we will be displaying guest artist Evan Levin for one night only. Evan is coming all the way from Florida to share his amazing body of work. Evan's paintings embody the original look and unique approach that has been the trademark of The Gallery Underground over the past two years.

We are brightening the place up a bit as well with a fresh coat of paint and some new lighting. You won't want to miss this show!

New work by artists - Kieth Van Eron, Andi Rose, Reindeer, Chelsea Glanz, Travis Parry, Bryan Collins, Ryan Gualaume, Forrest Gerke, Oscar Woodruff, Cody Kuehl, Rolfe Bautista, Kirsten Savage and Darren Mahuron.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Update from the Studio of Forrest Harrison Gerke

Hello all, Over the past few months I've been working a lot with the figure, doing both drawings and paintings. I've been playing with various materials and sizes, and overall have been getting a positive response.

I have been putting small drawings on display for $25, which have been quite popular over the last few shows. They're a great way for me to do studies for larger works, and provide gallery visitors with "recession priced" original works to easily purchase.

I am looking forward to our upcoming Third Friday on August 21st, as well as our Gallery Underground 2nd anniversary show for the First Friday of September.

For more info on what i've been up to, please visit my website, and definitely stop by the gallery for one of our upcoming shows!